We're a media nonprofit building data journalism, open data and web innovation projects around the world. We partner with organisations, big and small, to do impactful programmes and initiatives that shape the future of our field.

HEI-DA helps organisations tell data-driven stories, and build projects on the web, using expertise from the news industry and elsewhere, specialising in the niche fields of data journalism, open data and extreme storytelling innovation. We put particular emphasis on projects of public interest which could achieve social, environmental and economic impact.

In 2018 HEI-DA has helped 38 teams, in seven countries, representing three continents, do data journalism and open data projects.

We are very proud to have worked with organisations such as the BBC World Service (in India, Nigeria, and Thailand), CFI (in ASEAN countries, Tunisia, and Benin), and GEN (globally).

We’ve tackled deaths in police custody with Malaysiakini (Malaysia), threats to ASEAN journalists with SEAPA (Thailand), police abuse with TEMPO (Indonesia), sexual harassment with Social Watch Bénin (Benin), and more. We look forward to doing more of these impactful projects in the months to come.



 We do data journalism and interactive storytelling projects with social, economical or environmental impact in collaboration with media organisations, NGOs, nonprofits, local communities and governments.


We can help NGOs and other nonprofit organisations identify new digital goals to structure data-driven and innovative projects accordingly, bringing support and insights they wouldn’t have come across otherwise.


HEI-DA is building a Unicorn Pool gathering a network of incredibly talented people from all over the world to take on innovative projects with social impact. They have the editorial, programming and design skills needed to tackle big data projects and are so special that they are often referred to as “unicorns”.


HEI-DA puts together research projects on the future of data journalism and innovative storytelling and publishes the results openly via whitepapers and interactive guides. We thrive to imagine new models, experiment with the latest technologies and be an active player in the industry as well as share the fun with our community by organising training sessions and bootcamps.


HEI-DA promotes web innovation, the future of data journalism and transparency by publishing the Data Journalism Blog, a news website tackling innovative projects made with data, in the newsroom and elsewhere.


HEI-DA organises hackathons and other events tackling topics such as data journalism, open data, programming and web innovation.

By donating to HEI-DA, either monthly or just once, you help us grow and develop new initiatives that empower news innovators and nonprofit organisations worldwide.


HEI-DA manages the Data Journalism Awards!

The Data Journalism Awards are the first international awards recognising outstanding work in the field of data journalism worldwide. Started in 2012, the competition is organised by the Global Editors Network, with support from the Google News Initiative, the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, Microsoft, and in partnership with Chartbeat. HEI-DA proudly manages the competition with the team at the Global Editors Network.


Check out the Data Journalism Blog!

The Data Journalism Blog brings you the latest on data journalism whether you are a journalist, a designer, a programmer or simply a data geek. It features news articles, features, interviews, how-to guides and reviews tackling innovative projects from around the world, made with data.
With over 4000 followers on Facebook and over 5000 on Twitter, it was created in 2011 and is published by HEI-DA.

HEI-DA is building the Sensor Journalism Toolkit, an easy-to-use platform that empowers journalists around the world by helping them gather their own datasets using sensor tech. To know more about it or get involved, get in touch!



HEI-DA is based in Lille, France and operates globally.
It was founded in 2016 by Marianne Bouchart.

We thrive for innovation and hope to stand out as an active player in our field. HEI-DA does great work, by great people, on great subjects.

Watch this space as exciting new projects will launch soon!

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