Unicorn Pool

HEI-DA is building a unicorn pool. We are gathering a network of incredibly talented people from all over the world to take on amazing and rewarding projects. They are so special and have such valuable skills that they are often referred to as "unicorns".

Some thrive as data journalists or digital news editors, some are called programming wizards or design ninjas, and a few can do all three. They are the talented people you need to tackle a big data journalism project or a digital innovation revamp.

And like real unicorns, they are very hard to find. So HEI-DA cuts the work for a selected few.

Many of them already work for major media or creative organisations and are looking for innovative projects that they wouldn't get to do in their current office.

At HEI-DA, we hope to put together groundbreaking digital projects and to achieve them with the help of the top data journalism and web innovation experts out there.

HEI-DA scouts these unicorns and get them to meet and create together around exciting and innovative data journalism projects. We create a network of like-minded people who have skills in either programming, data journalism, digital storytelling or graphic design and get them to learn from each other by working with each other.

We also help them find gigs, network and learn new skills.

If you want to be part of HEI-DA's pool of unicorns or if you are interested in submitting a project to the Unicorn Pool, please get in touch.